The Importance Of Good Air Quality In Offices


Noisy. Distracting. Cramped. Sound familiar? Before COVID-19, many offices were poorly designed and not inviting for employees, despite that the majority of people spend most of their day at the workplace. BBC’s recent article discuss how building owners need to keep tenants safe and happy, with the post-coronavirus office undertaking a drastic technological advancement. Temperature checks, touch-less taps and in-app ordering systems are one of the few changes many employees can expect to see introduced in the workplace. But another big consideration is the air quality of enclosed spaces and how it could improve the wellbeing of staff.

Many companies are investing in apps that can link with their building to gather more information such as the air quality and number of occupants to ensure that their employees know whether it is safe to come into the office or to work at home. As a result, there has been an increased focus on office air conditioning systems, particularly if they meet the latest requirements. “According to UK air filter manufacturer SPCB Filters, extremely narrow openings, like high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and the more powerful ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) ones, can remove coronavirus from circulating in the air.” (BBC, 2020)

In one of our latest projects, we quoted UV purifier modules which use active technology, rather than passive filtration to simulate the cleansing effect of the outdoor air. “Special molecules are silently distributed which seek and neutralise odours and viruses, using cell breakdown. They also electrically charge dust particles, causing them to group together and accumulate in the air filter. Tested on numerous viruses over many years, even airborne transmission of infection via a sneeze will be 99% neutralised before it has travelled a metre”. (Volante Puro, 2020) Therefore, fitting sufficient purifier modules to existing air conditioning systems will not only improve the wellbeing of employees but could have a long-term benefit in reducing the spread of viruses.

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