Struggling to encourage staff back to the workplace?


While the infection rates drop and the country begins to open up, some staff are reluctant to return to the workplace. Is it time to offer some of the comforts of working from home but a covid-safe environment? Have you thought about creating cafe-style office space?

The smell of freshly ground coffee, the constant babble of conversation, the patter of footsteps and the frequent ping of the front door we all miss coffee shops. 

As well as being relaxing, sitting in a comfy lounge chair with a background buzz of noise has been proven to boost creativity levels. The combination of noise, people and visual variety are effective stimuli for the right amount of distraction to help you concentrate and boost creative thinking. Working in the same space as other people is also a good motivator as it encourages you to copy their behaviour 

As a result, Café style offices are popular workplace designs because they create a welcoming and inviting environment for people to collaborate or work independently. It is important to consider how your office space is designed because it influences how your employees feel within their space and their productivity levels. A physical office space is important for enhancing creativity as it enables both audio and visual stimuli unlike virtual calls from home 

Office Profile previously worked with Abstract Group to complete the fit-out for the reception area of The Florence Building in Basingstoke. The client wanted a welcoming and inspiring space with an Italian theme to reflect the name of the building. The overall design had a bright and airy colour scheme to encourage visitors to use the space. As part of the inviting design, a Piaggio Tuk Tuk was converted to a coffee point in the reception with a bright yellow SMEG Fiat 500 refrigerator.  

Along with the variety of fun bespoke Vespa scooter seats, colourful spin stools and power bank points on the table, the reception functions as an exciting space with plenty of unique visual stimuli and a mix of casual and traditional seating. 

When designing a café-style workspace, it is important to include a mix of casual, sofa seating areas and formal group spaces with plenty of worktop space and power outlets. Natural lighting plays its part in boosting productivity and energy saving LED lighting helps keep costs down and is environmentally friendlier than standard lighting. Of course, personalising your design is at the forefront when creating a café style space and distinctive artwork and wall covering gives a space an atmosphere  

If you have been inspired to begin your office fit-out, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today, we are always keen to share our expertise and answer any questions you may have about designing your workspace.  

Source: Why You’re More Creative In Coffee Shops, BBC Worklife, 2021


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