Workplace Consultancy

Workplace Consultancy is a scalable but in-depth study of your company, growth plans and methods of working in order to align and optimise the use of your office space and boost your team's productivity, both immediately and as the company grows.

What is Workplace Consultancy?

To enable you to make informed decisions on new working strategies, it is imperative that you have accurate and reliable data assessing your current workplace. This process is often referred to as workplace consultancy.  It is made up of a number of elements which come together to form a consolidated report with recommendations based upon the findings.  These elements include Space Occupancy Studies, Employer/Employee engagement workshops and Personalised Surveys.  Each process is tailored to suit the needs of the client and their business structure

What are the benefits?

Employee engagement and analysis of your current space is a hugely beneficial process which will give you the foundation to build your list of requirements for your new/refurbished space.  Understanding how the design of the workplace can have huge implications on the performance of a business, affecting everything from productivity and morale to absenteeism and long-term health, will help your business create the right work environment.

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What’s the process?

There are 5 main steps in the Workplace Consultancy process, these are :

  1. Project Initiation workshop
  2. Space occupancy studies and observations
  3. Staff Surveys/Questionnaires
  4. Interviews with key personnel
  5. Final consolidation and reporting with detailed analysis