Interior Design

Our in-house interior designers are some of the very best in the UK and have many years experience working on projects for high profile clients of all sizes.  We understand that a great working environment should reflect your company culture and values.

Bespoke Interior Design

We pride ourselves on being able to create innovative, cost effective designs unique to your business.

Creative office design enhances user experience and allows you to use your space efficiently, improving staff motivation and interaction which will ultimately save you money.  Our designers will work with you throughout your project making sure each stage of the process meets your exact requirements.  The design process includes:

  • Conceptual Design – Zonal test fits and space planning
  • Detailed Design – Interior design, detail drawings, finishes and material selection
  • Sketches and 3D – still visuals, walk-throughs or VR
  • Building Regulations – Our team are fully qualified and up to date with all current Building Regulations and statutory requirements


Space Planning

We will establish the way you work and how much space each department actually needs to operate efficiently. We will then produce CAD generated floor plans to help you visualise your new office layout. The space planning will also factor in the traffic flow between departments. Clever office space planning will enable you to future-proof your business so your space can evolve with your company’s progress.

There should be a balance between open-plan and cellular environments.  Open-plan environments tend to promote team working and communication, and are space and cost efficient. However, they can be distracting with high sound levels although sound deadening products can be used to reduce noise. Glass partitions are a sleek solution for dividing up space and can be translucent or shaded for privacy.

Meet the Design Team

  • Emma Betts

    Emma has discovered a plus side to having both parents as teachers….she can embark on her ‘crazy’ educational interior designs with confidence, knowing that they will get meticulously examined at home for any flaws!

  • Victoria Turier-Duerden

    A Design Technician inside and outside of the office, Victoria’s modified black cab is very impressive. It comes in handy when meeting clients – but please don’t put the meter on, Victoria!

  • Angi Boucher-Clift

    Angi helps ensure Office Profile projects run smoothly and efficiently. She has already swapped all company car tyres to super softs and managed to reduced pit stop times when out on appointments down to 3.2 seconds.

  • Michael Hetherington

    Michael has done very well in his role as a project manager, much better than his brief foray into sheep herding where his inability to whistle caused a few communication issues with his ‘colleagues’.

  • Marcus Wheeler

    Our Latte Art King, Marcus is ever the perfectionist whether it’s estimating the value of a new project or creating a work of art in a mug! We’re waiting for him to master Dave Stanley’s face in Latte form.

  • Fran Fraser

    Our car-boot fanatic Fran loves discovering and upcycling vintage furniture, inspired by her passion for all things design! So much so, it led her to her role as our newest Revit Technician.

  • Alex Hume

    Green fingered Alex is not only a pro at growing fruit and vegetables in his garden but can turnip the pace to make sure all designs are completed on time like it’s no fig deal.



Our design team will provide you with mood boards and samples of the finishes that are proposed for the new interior. We can provide mood boards, 3D visuals and 2D plans displaying your office design to give you a real feel of the finished space. You will have opportunity to touch the materials and see the combination of colours together. We don’t charge for this service and want to ensure that our clients are always delighted with the end result.