Many customers aren’t aware that they can finance their office fit-out and furniture costs, however there are many tax and cashflow benefits associated with doing this and Office Profile are ideally placed to help our clients secure funding.

Benefits of Leasing

  1. Preserve your capital
  2. Rentals are 100% tax allowable so you maximise your tax efficiency
  3. Spread the VAT over the term of the lease
  4. Fixed costs for the agreed term so you beat inflation and have accurate forecasting
  5. Preserves existing credit lines, bank and loan arrangements remain intact
  6. Have the refurbishment you need, not what the capital budget dictates

How Does It Work?

  1. Final budget/scope of works agreed
  2. Finalise agreed project dates
  3. We send you a quote based over a 2 to 5 year term
  4. We obtain credit clearance
  5. You sign the agreement
  6. We finance the work directly

Why Use Office Profile

  • We are specialist funders for the office furniture and fit out sector
  • Happy to work with all customers including new start-ups, subject to credit
  • We work with over 30 funders who specialise in furniture and fit-out funding
  • 90% customer acceptance rate
  • Profiles available over 2 to 5 years