Our Environmental Commitment At Office Profile


Issues surrounding climate change and the environment has become increasingly prevalent in the news and media. In 2019, the amount of household rubbish being recycled dropped from 45.2 per cent in 2017 to 44.7 per cent in 2018 [1]. With the planet facing a climate change crisis, it is more important now than ever to help create a sustainable planet. At home, simple changes such as recycling, reducing heating and cycling to work all help to reduce our carbon footprint. But in business, sustainability can sometimes be harder to control…

At Office Profile we acknowledge our responsibility to establish systems for preventing pollution, promoting recycling and minimising disruption to the local community. We are committed to using local labour in order to minimise transport and carbon footprint. Our environmental commitments are communicated throughout the company and we review our environmental risks and initiatives regularly to ensure we work in the best possible way for the environment.

For every project we endeavor to reduce the impact that the project’s construction waste has on the environment. Systems such as limiting waste to landfill, conforming to Site Waste Management Plans Regulations and having safe storage facilities on-site that safeguard against accidental damages help to reduce potential contamination. The materials we use are purchased through our centralised procurement team which ensure best practice is delivered across all projects and products are delivered to site ‘just-in-time’ to reduce delays and lorry deliveries which can minimise air pollution levels.

Where practical, we use materials from sustainable sources that have recognised trademarks. Equally, in order to minimise waste and dust pollution, we employ site operatives who are trained in how to work with materials of different types and understand how to cut products and reduce waste. Suitable dust extraction equipment is used on site to minimise the escape of fine particulate to the atmosphere and safeguard the health of everyone on site.

Furthermore, to minimise the impact of vehicle deliveries to site we source from local suppliers where it is practical to do so and strategically plan deliveries to site avoiding peak hours congestion. We also ensure that our products have traceable and sustainable origins, where possible from UK factories, and that timber products include an FSC chain of custody certification.

Environment and sustainability concerns are essential to observe in business as they impact both businesses, clients and the wider community but ultimately require continuous assessment and improvement. Therefore, our commitment to the environment and sustainability throughout our work will remain a priority and we hope to help reduce any negative impact to our planet.


Source: [1] ‘Recycling rates fall as 2020 target now looks unreachable’, 2019, The Telegraph


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