Need Help Downsizing Your Office Space?


This year has been a rollercoaster for many businesses. For some companies, within the medical and manufacturing industries, there has been an increase in demand for services which means they have needed to expand their facilities to cope with the influx of orders and new staff members. For other businesses, it has been a time to revaluate strategies and look at how to reduce costs, whilst still providing an efficient working environment for staff.

Office design requirements have shifted to a focus on promoting collaboration and team engagement. The option to work from home is a trend that is here to stay, so businesses must acknowledge this and identify how their office can facilitate the needs of their employees. Therefore, some companies have decided to downsize their office space for numerous reasons, and it is not always a bad thing.

Aside from the obvious financial benefit of leasing a smaller space, downsizing can also still service the same amount of staff members through a well-thought out design.

If a company has decided to downsize their office space, Office Profile are here to help with the redesign and configuration of the workspace and will optimise it to improve business performance. We evaluate factors such as what the client and employees want from the workspace and what design layout is best for productivity. For example, instead of traditional rows of desks, a creative agency may benefit from having a larger, homely breakout area facilitating group work and innovation.

Equally, it can be hard to visualise zoning a smaller office space, but our team of design experts can reimagine your space through cutting-edge visualisation tools and interactive presentations. Downsizing an office also means re-considering your location. With London being one of the key areas heavily affected by Covid-19, businesses are looking to relocate to smaller nearby towns that are accessible not only by public transport, but even by bike or foot. The benefit of a shorter and safer commute into a workspace is another benefit of downsizing to a more affordable location.

Ultimately, we optimise working environments to help encourage staff to work back in the office. We can work with clients needing to expand or those needing to downsize with plans to evolve in the future.

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