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Biophilia reveals the psychological connection between plants and people as the colour green promotes harmony, cleanliness and wealth. Plants also improve employee productivity, motivation and makes use of idle space. At Office Profile, it is most certainly good to be green as the affiliation humans seek with the natural world has become a popular theme in interior and furniture design. Let’s explore the different ways in which you can incorporate plants in your office:

Moss walls

Moss walls can be customized to different shapes and colours to suit any office size. Moss walls are low maintenance as they do not require watering or reshaping and function very well as a feature wall. Thus, moss walls suit a space that is accessible to potential clients, such as a reception area. But they equally suit a relaxed space like a kitchen or breakout room and can be complemented with green countertops, chairs and natural wood flooring.

Plant pots

Sprinkling an array of plants and flowers are an easy and cost-effective way of adding a pop of colour to the office. Hanging, wall mounted, tall, leafy, spiky or bright- plants come in many variations which can be adapted to suit your business branding, as well as your space and budget. The fresh look of a green office is said to have health benefits because bright colours can improve memory and encourage creative thinking among staff.



If you don’t like the idea of having real plants in the office, you can incorporate the feel of a jungle escape through bold wallpaper prints and textured furnishings. Not only does patterned wallpaper promote a luxurious element to a space, but it also adds a splash of colour, vibrancy and homely feel to an office which helps to boost employee wellbeing.

Overall, it appears that plants do more than just brighten up a rainy day. Their versatile properties can be featured through various interior designs and are an easy way to incorporate nature within a commercial office setting, encouraging your business to be an unbe-leaf-able success!

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