Is Your Office Gen Z Ready?


Individuals born between 1997-2012 are part of the new wave of young workers known as the Gen Z generation. Whilst millennials have strengths in the digital world and a flexibility in working, Gen Z workers understand their goals, have a broad understanding of technology, seek to achieve high performance and face to face interaction through technology such as Zoom meetings. However, what does this mean for office design and how can you make your office Gen Z ready?

Firstly, acknowledging individuality within the workplace is crucial to company success. Providing a variety of desking and seating options through an open plan layout with access to solo areas, offers agile work spaces suited for both individual work and group meetings. This can be achieved using soft banquette seating and private breakout pods.

Secondly, employee wellness is very important to be mindful of as it increases employee satisfaction and wellbeing. Removing barriers completely or fitting glass partitioning are a way of creating individual workspaces whilst advocating a collaborative, modern environment. Equally, providing amenities like washrooms, showers or even bike racks are small changes that have a positive impact on company culture.

Similarly, wellness and sustainability are important when recruiting new staff and engaging existing employees. Growing a healthy work culture and tailoring opportunities for individual success helps employees feel acknowledged and supported in the workplace.

In summary, for Gen Z workers, embracing change is crucial. Treating employees as individuals and acknowledging their different work patterns through office design and amenities will help to create the best work ethic and ultimately company success.

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Source: ‘A Gen Z-Er’s Take on Preparing Your Workplace For The Next Generation, 2019, Workdesign Magazine


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