79% of people believe working flexibly would make them more productive
86% of the top 50 UK businesses said they embrace a mix of home and office working
81% of people believe that flexible working would make a job more attractive to them

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is rapidly becoming part of the present instead of the distant plan in the ‘future’ it once was. Office space today demands collaborative working, client meetings and flexible socialisation.

Hybrid working delivers on all bases with employees feeling satisfied and more productive, whilst employers save on the cost of reduced office space and benefit from staff retention.

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Our Approach

We understand the complexities of creating an office space that encompasses hybrid working. Our workplace consultancy gets to the heart of the aims and objectives of our clients’ businesses. We take these insights to:

  • Design workspaces that facilitate collaboration
  • Recommend technical solutions to improve communication
  • Offer sustainable and efficient solutions.
  • Provide change management solutions
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What you need to know about tomorrow's workplace

Our insight looks at modern workplace trends that are changing the way we view our office space for tomorrow.

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Hybrid Working - Buzzword Bingo or a Viable Alternative?

Project Director, Angi Boucher-Clift breaks down the jargon and examines the role of hybrid working in office design.

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