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The Brief

TechStars occupy the 5th floor of the Commercial Road building, above Squawka and VOOM where we previously renovated. The whole floor was open plan, the only private areas were two meeting rooms at the far end of the floor.

The floor followed a similar style to that of VOOM, with light wood effect flooring, slate grey sofas, and picnic benching table for casual working or eating space. Black and white faux leather chairs with a small table in the middle were arranged over in the corner for less formal meetings.

The main working area has bays of white “A” frame desks with black operator chairs. As each desking area is occupied by a different company, LED strip boards were inventively utilised to scroll the company name while hanging from the ceiling. This enables visitors and staff to find a person within a company easier and adds a modern twist.

What we did

There are 2 meeting rooms at TechStars, each with a striking dot manifestation of women’s faces. This adds some aesthetic appeal to the end of the office, while providing privacy for those using the meeting rooms. Both meeting rooms have boardroom style tables with stylish tub seats along with a TV mounted on the wall for presentations.

As with the other floors in the building, the kitchen area is predominately in black gloss with wooden worktops to complement the lighting and flooring. The kitchen runs behind the main desking area and is easily accessible from any area of the office.

We hope that TechStars are finding their new office space inspiring and wish them the best for their entrepreneurial ventures!

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