A Financial Firm approached Office Profile with a brief of creating a funky “New York Loft Style” office space to suit a dynamic team of 60 staff, which had a good flow and placed an emphasis on the breakout and kitchen area.

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The Brief

The Directors wanted the office to be one of the best places to work in Brighton, with amazing perks such as fresh daily catering for all staff, cool and welcoming offices and even free haircuts right there in the office! The company was relocating to a uniquely shaped building which had long narrow office wings. Initially, the Design Team at Office Profile looked to divide these up with breakout and informal furniture, but instead opted to maintain them as pure office space due to the clients wish to bring the teams together from different offices into one space. The client required 4 semi open plan areas for each of their project teams and technical departments. Clean, white Myriad desking was supplied in the office space along with black Momo taskchairs. To get around the offices, the staff glide down the length of the space on scooters and hover boards!


What we did

The breakout space featured bespoke banquette seating, upholstered in a striking blue and with company’s lettering displayed on the backs. Orte sled base chairs around chrome based tables were also supplied for the area along with 2 seater sofas. The space also features a real brick slip wall that has the company logo displayed in chrome backlit lettering.  A selection of our Occo easy chairs with a solid wood base were chosen for the reception area, with the boardroom and several meeting rooms nearby.

The large kitchen area, leading off of the breakout space, was designed with a smart grey and white colour scheme.  As well as being used by the staff, the kitchen space would also be used by caterers to cook breakfast for them!  Due to this, it meant that fire rated extraction duct work had to be installed and vented to the atmosphere.  In the kitchen were several of our Spin stools which offer the perfect balance of style and simplicity, with the combination of solid timber legs, metal frame and generously padded upholstered seat.

We think that the end result looks amazing, and we believe that the task of creating one of the best places to work in Brighton was definitely achieved!