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The Brief

RocketMill wanted to relocate to Brighton due to its reputation as a creative city and being in the central ‘hub’, close to the University of Brighton, allowed them to attract new talent to grow their business and client base.

RocketMill moved from their old offices in Manor Royal Industrial Estate (down the road from the Office Profile Team).  Moving to Brighton enables the agency to remain in the Gatwick Diamond, a business area where they have won several awards for their service and high quality work.

The project included a main office area, meeting rooms, meeting pods and a kitchen and breakout area.  Being a Digital Design and Marketing Agency, RocketMill were keen to have a fun and quirky design that was functional but helped differentiate themselves from other companies and competition – and to exhibit their culture to clients and employees alike.

What we did

Upon entering RocketMill you are immediately faced with one of the most unique elements of the office – the feature wall.  Facing the entrance door is a curved wooden feature which provides a barrier between the main office and visiting clients.  The design is used to create a statement, “We are RocketMill”, and reinforces the brand as soon as someone walks through the door.

Between the curved veneer panels sit 3Dimensional letters that are illuminated to spell out “RocketMill”.  The letters are at eye level, creating stunning wow factor and also allowing you to see through the feature wall and into the creative area of the office behind. Leading along the front of the feature wall is a bright patterned carpet that has a mixture of bright orange, grey and black strips which help to add streaks of colour to the office space.

The main boardroom is certainly worth a peek, as it features a graphic of a theatre audience from the 1900s looking toward you.   The image was chosen by the Managing Director after he saw something similar while on holiday.  This sort of collaboration between Customer and Supplier is great and really helps the client feel they have been a part of the process.  The boardroom also features gold pendant lights, a picture frame-esque surround to their whiteboard, and an iroko counter top area to store their numerous trophies and accolades.   The meeting room window is defined by an angled wall and glass that look out onto the main working area.

There are also two other, smaller, meeting rooms available to use in RocketMill along with a training area.  This area has a classroom environment with full height sliding glass partitions that allow for a fully open aspect to the rest of the office for larger seminars.  Study seats with fold up writing rests complete the room along with a lectern and projector.

I was keen to play a very active role in an iterative design process

Sam Garrity, RocketMill

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