20% Increase in office space
10,000 Square feet of floor area
0 Weeks on site

The Brief

Locks4Vans are the current market leader in the aftermarket locking industry, primarily providing solutions for light commercial vehicles. As part of an exciting company expansion, an additional unit to their original space was constructed to accommodate new machinery and manufacturing equipment. The client contacted Office Profile to design an innovative space, featuring branded company colours within a tight timeframe. The 10,000 sq. ft project involved a broad scope of design features, not only providing room for equipment, but also for an efficient office area, safe from the potential hazards a typical warehouse could pose to staff.

What we did

As part of a large space, the project had to incorporate many different design elements to create a coherent unit for office and warehouse alike. The warehouse has a considerable amount of floor space with plenty of room for machines and vehicles. Extensive design and installation work was required for the project, including adaption to the existing incoming mains power and a new HVAC system, as well as updating more obvious elements such as flooring and ceilings.

The existing mezzanine was extended to create additional office space at first floor level, all areas were fashioned with grey wood doors to match the existing design in the adjacent unit. Brand colours were featured throughout the design. All areas were designed to be sleek and ergonomic, the washrooms white and contemporary and the communal areas light and easy to navigate. Teapoints were installed to both floors to create inviting and relaxing areas, encouraging those ever sought after ‘water cooler moments’. The ground floor supplied a secure lockable area for machinery and equipment and allows room for the workshop.

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