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The Brief

The client required the space to be divided into 4 separate disaster recovery suites, that could be leased out to various clients in emergency situations.

Each room would have white infinity desking with monitor arms and black mesh back operator chairs for all staff and the rooms were divided by full height glass partitioning and doors.  A shared breakout space, meeting room, private offices and reception area were also created, with the breakout space housing high back acoustic sofas and storage units.

One of the most striking features of the project is the large “resilience” vinyl lettering that can be found in the main corridor leading to the recovery suites.

What we did

Being a disaster recovery centre, the offices are not always occupied, but have to be ready at a moments notice to receive clients.  The location is excellent, being right next to a data centre which is perfect for data back-ups.  Data cabling is split, with a communications cabinet in each recovery suite and a main communications cabinet by reception.

Office Profile also carried out work on the security and access controls, and reconfiguring the sprinkler system.

The offices are unique in that most data recovery centres are located in the City, with views of other buildings.  Fortress offers panoramic views of water with the centre being located right next to the Outer Dock

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