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The Brief

Diversified Communications are an international media company working with a variety of industries from healthcare to food and beverage. The client required an open plan office and reception space, meeting rooms, teapoints and enclosed working facilities suitable for collaborative and individual work.

As the first tenants of the new premises, it was crucial that we created a workable and professional office for our client’s staff.

What we did

Across the reception, Milliken geometric print carpets were fitted for a modern and clean look. For the open plan design, double glazed black frame partitionings were fitted for privacy and to allow natural light in the space. Additionally, the timber slat reception feature with low pendant lighting and a steel inset shelving unit was created for design and durability.

The biophilic elements of the design are accentuated through the plant walls and island planter with poseur level seating. The planter adds both a decorative and practical element to the space with plug points fitted for short stay work facilities.

Equally, the StorageWall incorporates soft seating and graphics with bold geometric blue and yellow accents. Quirky phone booth style seating areas also provided a space for individual work. For the teapoint, white marble countertops and vinyl flooring were designed to be in-keeping with the modern theme.

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