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The Brief

The client was relocating from their existing office to 3 City Place, a highly sought-after area within the Gatwick Diamond. The spectacular new office has floor to ceiling glass walls all the way around with a large shared main reception area.

The client secured the ground floor office and approached Office Profile to design their office, which needed to include a breakout area with a kitchen, a reception area, a comms room, an open plan office space, several meeting rooms and offices. Although the client was bringing some of their existing furniture from their office, Office Profile were also asked to provide additional furniture solutions. A requirement for a TV wall was included within the brief as well as comfortable seating in the breakout space.

What we did

For the breakout space, Office Profile installed full height glass partitions with manifestation in a binary design to reflect the client’s business. We provided a Feast Metal table with Spin Stools in contrasting colours, creating an area where staff could enjoy their lunch. We added Uni coffee tables and comfortable Occo Easy chairs where people could unwind and socialise, along with Selva ceiling panels in the client’s vibrant corporate colours. Grey gloss cupboards and drawers were installed in the kitchen area complete with essential appliances to meet the needs of the employees.

In the open plan office space, our Design Team had to strategically manage the positioning of each desk to ensure the client could use the space at full capacity. The circular columns dotted around the office were painted in the company’s colours and a TV wall was created by mounting six TVs on one of the internal walls. We formed the walls for meeting rooms and offices using full height glass partitioning with manifestation, and added black meeting room chairs.

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