Office Profile Joins Gatwick Diamond Business


Office Profile are excited to have become a member of Gatwick Diamond Business (GDB), an independent body that is owned and run by the members, for the members.


GDB has been representing, supporting and empowering businesses for the last 60 years and acts as a united voice, representing the member’s interests and ensuring that they are the first to hear of any local issues that may impact or affect them.

The key aims of GBD are:

–   To be a voice for the local business community
–   To promote business development opportunities for members
–   Help to retain quality and skilled workforces and develop opportunities in the area
–   Be an independent association consulted by local, regional and national bodies
–   To encourage inward investment into the Gatwick Diamond
–   Act as a source of information and advice on local and national issues
–   To develop links throughout the UK, Europe and beyond

The Gatwick Diamond is home to roughly 45,000 businesses and 500 international businesses and the areas include West Sussex and Surrey, boroughs of Crawley and Reigate and Banstead, along with large parts of Horsham and Tandridge Districts.

Office Profile has worked with a number of businesses in the Gatwick Diamond, including RocketMill, William Alexander, Radiometer and B&CE.

To find out more about Gatwick Diamond Business please click here.