Office Design Trends In 2017


Fashions change quickly in the design world and we thought we would share some new ideas for you to think about when redesigning your office space. Read on for some officespiration!

The latest design trend is not a design trend! So many companies are concentrating on personalisation to their own brand, culture or line of business, that every office is becoming more diverse and unique in design. Instead of implementing the latest Scandinavian style lighting, or minimalist reception counter, companies ask their designers to create a look that has their stamp all over it. Therefore, designers are being asked to incorporate the culture, core values, vision and corporate colours into the design to create an individual, unique workspace that enforces the brand to clients and employees alike, and differentiates it from any other office.

Office design is now being based more around environmental and workplace studies. For example, employers want more natural light, improved colour selection, better air quality and effective acoustics, to name but a few. The better the workplace is statistically, the more employers believe that they can reduce absenteeism and labour turnover. Designers can also use technology to review employees’ behaviour and assess if the office layout and working style is the best option to maximise staff productivity, and if not, they can re-work it into their design to improve productivity.  Read our blog on how different colours can affect employee productivity.

Co-working is the newest style of working that looks set to continue being popular worldwide. Start-ups and entrepreneurs are the biggest fans of this trend with many small companies utilising co-working spaces to remove the worry of paying for premises. Larger companies are also capitalising on this by renting excess office space out to smaller companies looking for co-working areas. This is one trend that is likely to stick around as it offers a convenient alternative to so many companies and start-ups. This causes designers to concentrate more on the entire workspace atmosphere as opposed to individual work stations.

Flexibility and fluidity is of growing importance as a growing number of employees have varied working hours and locations, so when they are in the office, they need to be able to carry their way of working through to the headquarters. Designers are requested often to create areas that allow staff to flow throughout and that work well for that particular organisation’s way of working. This also allows for the company changing their staff, teams or strategy.

Workplace branding is a powerful trend that more and more companies are embracing to try and attract customers who will stay loyal to the brand. Using a part of your office space as a showroom is a good idea to show how your products can be utilised in real life, and also helps your team get enthused about the products or services they are selling. This therefore creates loyalty both within and without the organisation.  Read our blog showing inspiring office designs from across the globe.

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