No Escape From (Virtual) Reality…


Virtual Reality has hit the world by storm in the last few years, with many companies innovating and finding various inspirational uses for it. The gaming industry has become a major fan of VR with games becoming even more realistic and addictive in virtual environments. However, various other industries have found amazing ways of using VR:

Healthcare – doctors are using VR to treat patients of phobias such as a fear of flying, and they are also using it to help patients who have lost a limb to learn to control their phantom limb pains.

Military/Law Enforcement – the British Government announced that it would be using VR to train trauma medics for battle, as well as training soldiers how to deal with IEDs and how to react in a number of situations.

Entertainment – gaming is the obvious one, but some famous musicians such as Paul McCartney have an app that lets you watch the concert without the surrounding crowd.

Advertising – VR is being used to advertise brands and films, with one film maker using it to create a virtual ride in the spaceship shown in the movie.

Specialised Trades – trades with specialised skill sets are using VR technology to reduce the costs of training material as trainees can practice on VR instead.

Education – VR is a useful tool for training people in many job roles. It can also be used in schools to take a class on virtual field trips and for children with special educational needs.

Tourism – tourism companies and hotels are using VR to show customers various destinations, with one company creating a teleporter which allowed users to feel sunshine and breezes! Awesome hey?

Automotive – various automotive companies are using VR to show potential customers the insides of the car in detail without a physical prototype, to allow customers to customise the interior and view their choices. One company even used it to simulate a car with simulated distractions to teach drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

Space Exploration – NASA uses VR to train astronauts with the aim of improving their mental health on longer missions.

Virtual Reality - Fraser

Office Profile are taking part in using this innovative technology to create virtual rooms for clients showing our design concept of their finished space. Take a look below at one of our breakout spaces for one of our clients – one of the Office Profile team got so carried away they forgot where they were and hit their head on the wall!

Virtual Reality