Meet Mel!


Mel Nurse recently joined Office Profile as Marketing Manager! Mel has over 20 years’ experience in marketing and brand management in the foods and charity sectors. She worked on promoting margarine, tea, salad, peanut butter, and rice cakes (we are hungry just thinking about it!). Mel also worked with marketing agencies managing client brand strategies and campaigns. She enjoys juggling multiple projects and understanding client needs to help promote and grow brands.

Mel’s last role as a fundraising campaign manager flew her to new destinations as she raised money for projects to help combat the impact of climate change as well as supporting education projects in developing countries. She looks forward to being involved in the development of net-zero carbon initiatives for the UK educational sector in the next few years.

In her spare time, Mel enjoys baking cakes and sweet treats. She has already made Christmas puddings for her family and will be topping them up with alcohol in anticipation for the big day! A keen traveller, Mel has explored the sunnier climates of Australia with her husband and seven-year-old son and has lived in New Zealand and Spain! See Mel below snorkelling in the beautiful seas off the islands of French Polynesia!

However, with travel restrictions, Mel has now set her sights on closer shores and is excited to explore more of the UK’s scenery – something she wasn’t expecting to do until she was retired!

We look forward to seeing Mel thrive in her new role with us at Office Profile.