Meet Erin!


Meet Erin, who has joined our Marketing Team as the new Communications Executive.

Erin graduated from Bournemouth University at the height of the pandemic and is still waiting to attend her graduation! She completed her degree in Marketing Communications and particularly enjoyed studying Relationship Marketing. Erin is fascinated with understanding the motivations of individuals and how a person’s value and beliefs influence their engagement and interest in different brands. She enjoys building connections with people and having previously gained experience in Digital MarketingI’m sure you will see her blogs and e-newsletters come to life. 

Erin loves spending time with friends and family, in particular her 7-month-old nephew. She says he changes every time she sees him – don’t you just love them at that age?! 

In her spare time Erin is usually on the go but enjoys finding her zen in yogaAside from this you can normally find her half way up a climbing wall at indoor bouldering.  

We welcome Erin to the team, her engaging digital and social content is already reaching great heights! 

Here is a picture of Erin from better times whilst on holiday, she hopes to go away again soon but for now, her garden will have to do!