Latest Design News From Amber


At Office Profile, we are happy that things are starting to move along again as lockdown begins to ease. During lockdown we have been utilising a lot of online technology such as group video calls to communicate our design ideas to potential clients. Now, we are excited to be start meeting customers again in person.

As a result of the current pandemic, many firms are reconsidering an office refurbishment to better accommodate the needs of their employees. Things such as allowing adequate social distancing between shelves, implementing one-way walking systems, and rethinking the office as a space of collaboration and creativity rather than a space for individual work. As a designer, we are here to help develop these ideas and transform them into stunning visuals which will ultimately result in a versatile and enthusing working space.

Visualisation is a great way to bring clarity to all stakeholders of a project because it allows them to engage and understand the design scheme. We use colour schemes, mood boards, 2D plans, 3D visuals, material samples and layouts to illustrate our proposal and help you make choices about your project. We will also work with your concepts and company branding to build up a proposal that incorporating the building style delivers a unique workspace proposition. More than this, as a designer, we strive to push the boundaries of creativity to deliver outstanding projects every time.

Below, we have selected some recent visuals that we created for a tender. The various spaces include a coffee area, soft seating, and scrum area. The client wanted an affordable “Starbucks style” coffee area design. The visuals were created using 3D software for the most realistic representation of what a space could look like with Office Profile.

If you are interested in redesigning your office, do not hesitate to give us a call today!