International Women’s Day- Meet The Office Profile Team


International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. To mark the occasion, Office Profile would like to celebrate the achievements of the awesome women that work in our organisation and recognise their achievements over the past year…  

Lead predominantly by a team of women, Office Profile has remained a united force through the various challenges and adjustments of the year and have come out stronger and with many projects in the pipeline.   

Angi is central to the Office Profile team leading the Projects and managing Design Coordination with Amber. She is currently working on an exciting industrial project in a new area and industry. Building a good rapport with clients is one of her favourite parts of the role and she loves seeing how her work makes a difference to others.   

One of her favourite projects was working with Gamer Network to provide a CAT A and CAT B fit-out for all 3 floors of their office in Brighton, which consisted of various areas including a large breakout space, meeting rooms, offices, open plan office space and washrooms.  

Making a great connection with the client early on in the project meant that the brief was clear and we fully understand their needs.

Angi Boucher-Clift, Pre-Contracts Manager

Angi also loved working with Specac which consisted of a shell and core fit-out including a full mechanical and electrical package provided overhead from a steel cradle, and compressed airlines for the laboratories. The office fit-out needed to provide open plan areas on the ground and 1st floor, a reception, meeting rooms, teapoints, a large canteen area and new washrooms.  

Every project is so different and I love understanding the business culture as this will impact our proposal for how their office space could work.

Angi Boucher-Clift , Pre-Contracts Manager

Amber, lead Interior Design is responsible for creating mood boards, concepts and designs for our clients. Amber enjoys working with the team as they all get along inside and outside the office which makes for a better work environment. She loves her role because it is diverse and exciting, especially when individual projects evolve through the different design stages. She particularly enjoys designing space plans for agents as she can be as imaginative as she wants. Here are a few of her favourite visuals below:   


Clever office space planning will enable clients to future-proof their business so their space can evolve with their company’s progress. Spaces like breakout areas, collaboration areas and informal meeting spaces work for large team interactions and small work zones like individual pods and cafes enable small group or individual work.    

Claire and Gilly, Business Development, have swapped in-person introductions for virtual meetings and phone calls, bringing in leads to help Office Profile reach their yearly goals. We understand first-hand how businesses have changed over the last year with the pandemic accelerating pre-existing trends of agile working and flexible spaces and shown us that there is value in designing an office where collaboration is the central focus. For some companies, within the medical and manufacturing industries, there has been an increase in demand for services which means they have needed to expand their facilities to cope with the influx of orders and new staff members. For other businesses, it has been a time to revaluate strategies and look at how to reduce costs, whilst still providing an efficient working environment for staff.   

We also want to acknowledge the hardworking Operations team, Maria and Lea-Anne to name a few, who have been assisting in the management of projects onsite and keeping projects on track for completion.   

Overall, International Womens Day is a day for celebration of achievements of women across the world and to raise awareness of this special day.