Inspiring Office Designs From Around The Globe


Here at Office Profile, we are constantly on the lookout for office designs that inspire and amaze.  Whether you prefer a vintage or modern style, or monochrome or vibrant colour schemes, there’s a design out there to match your vision and desire.  We have found nine office designs that caught our attention, and we have shared these below.  We’ve also added in a few of our own designs – and we think you’ll love them.

First up are two office designs that effectively used glass to create an illusion of light and space. One was the iconic Apple stores with a glass spiral staircase. Glass staircases are spread far and wide across the globe in Apple stores, and this one is in one of their China stores.  The central cylindrical support gives the staircase an ethereal floating appearance and because you can see the rest of the store through the staircase, it makes the space seem a lot bigger.


The Heart Rhythm Society in Washington also used large glass panes in their meeting rooms to allow the maximum amount of light into the rooms and make the areas feel more spacious.  Two meeting rooms, either side of the corridor, have folding walls so that the rooms can be split up for smaller and more personal meetings.  LED lighting and light coloured flooring adds to the bright and modern atmosphere.


The next two offices use a monochrome wall and floor scheme, adding injections of bright colour from the furniture to give the ‘wow factor’. First up is one of our own designs – Girls’ Day School Trust. This whole project featured bright cerise, purple and teal splashes of colour, and we picked out an image of one of the conference rooms which was minimalist with white walls and table, and a black and white speckled vinyl floor. This was punctuated with bright cerise curved chairs and this gives the room a stunning visual impact.


The second image of the offices belonging to Freshmail, the email marketing company. This followed a similar theme with monochrome design and bright details in sulphur yellow. Added interest was provided with lights consisting of bulb clusters dangling from brightly coloured wire.


An image of an office in Amsterdam caught our eye due to its spaciousness and completely open layout, where the kitchen is in the same area as the office, with just a small partition separating it. The large amount of white floor space gives the office a clean, modern and minimalistic look, perfect for those companies who dislike small spaces and cluttered-looking areas (which, let’s face it, is most of us!).


One of our favourite office spaces is the reception area in the Google department in London. The rustic wood floor, partially exposed ceilings and Union Jack wall art gives the area a slightly vintage look and is a quirky take on traditional British style. All the areas in the London offices have tongue-in cheek names such as “Granny’s Flat” “The Town Hall” and “Hedge Your Bets” and as the names suggest, are decorated in homage to traditional British symbols such as the iconic British pub.


Another of our favourite quirky jobs was one that Office Profile completed according to the specification set out by the client. Techspace was a multiple area project with a slightly retro feel to it, with OSB board kitchen counters, bean bags, imitation grass and galvanised metal stools in different colours. The clever use of colour made the area seem welcoming, especially in the dining area and meeting “pods”. Keep an eye out on our case study page for final images.


Finally, one great design we love for offices is personalized features that are unique to the business and which emphasise the culture of the business to both staff and visitors . We have two great case studies that show effective use of branding in the workplace. The first is Success Appointments who added interesting detail and incorporated the company colours into their theme. They used pink and blue tub seating and decoration, with personalised detail such as their WiFi password on the wall! This created a quirky, company branded workplace that reinforces the company culture to everyone working at or visiting the business.


Last but not least, Icelandair also incorporated their brand into their offices with a blue feature wall framing a white Icelandair logo sign lit up by LED lights. This was a stunning feature to greet visitors as they enter the offices, and this was accompanied by a wall art graphic added to a StorageWall cupboard showing the Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland.


We hope you enjoyed reading this post about inspiring office designs, and please give us a call on 020 8770 7077 or email us at to discuss your needs or to book an appointment.