How To Minimise Contamination On Work Surfaces


With the future of workplace design changing because of COVID-19, maintaining appropriate safety and hygiene standards are crucial. At Office Profile, we help clients visualise how their new or current commercial space can look, particularly focusing on minimising contamination on work surfaces in the office.

The first thing that is important for employers to do is to encourage electric documents over paper documents. From working at home many people have realised that printing is not as essential as they thought. For day to day work, many documents can stay organized in e-mail folders, Dropbox or on the server. Printing less not only minimises clutter on desks, but it also saves paper. Therefore, printing less saves money on monthly printer ink costs and helps to minimise contact with the printer itself which can be a hotspot for germs!

Secondly, implementing a strict clean desk policy is another way of minimising contact on surfaces. If there is less clutter, it not only removes distractions to help employees concentrate but it will reduce the number of surfaces available to touch. If you hot desk or hotel with another colleague, putting paper down whilst you work to clear away at the end of day will help contain the spread of germs. Another important thing to do is to wipe down any equipment after use with sanitising wipes- particularly the computer or laptop keyboard which have been found to be 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat! (Esquire, 2016)

X-Mist is another effective and easy maintenance solution to enhance day-to-day cleaning. X-Mist stays active for up to 7 days on surfaces and kills 99.999% of bacteria. Employers should also provide efficient sanitation facilities for their employees and clients in high traffic areas. For example, Sanitiser Station’s wooden and metal units can be placed in busy areas like entrances/exits and receptions to encourage regular cleaning and are sensor-operated, so no touch is required. You can find out more about X-Mist and our range of Sanitiser Stations here

Another important consideration for creating a clean and streamlined office is high quality storage. Supplying metal pedestals help substitute the space lost from the desk area. Pedestals keep important equipment or documents locked out of site underneath desks and are easily accessible by the individual user. For larger amounts of storage, fitted StorageWalls are a smart choice as they provide sufficient space whilst keeping the office looking tidy. They can also double up as room dividers between departments which help to create ‘zones’ in large open plan offices.

Whilst things are not quite normal, we are always here to help with any of your office needs. Contact Office Profile today to find out how you can transform your office space into a safe and smart work environment.


‘Your Computer Keyboard is 20,000 Times Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat’, 2016, Esquire