How Can I Soundproof My Office?


Noise is unavoidable in a modern day office with phones ringing and printers whirring, but too much noise can affect the productivity and happiness of your employees.  Here are some ways to soundproof an office so that you can strike the balance between deathly silence and deafening distraction and alleviate disruption.

One way to greatly reduce noise in your office is to use acoustic soundboards. These boards come in every size imaginable and many companies can provide personalised boards that can be made with your own design or image. This means that you can have an individual soundproofing solution that is unique to your company. Soundboards can be used to incorporate branding into your office space (see also our post on the Benefits of Incorporating Branding Into Your Office Design) and can provide a solution without compromising on style. Soundboards can also be used as an invisible sound proofing measure. For example, they can be placed above the ceiling or under the carpet to help prevent noise from reverberations, as resonated noise is one of the biggest problems in the modern office, especially in open plan spaces.  Too many hard and reflective surfaces are the main cause of reverberated noise in an office so consider soundboards if your office is full of hard surfaces and this is causing sounds to echo back.

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Acoustic tiles in use at Big Bus Tours


Empty air space is how sound carries, so ensure that around doors to the main offices from the kitchen and doors into private offices have the smallest gap possible to guarantee that the minimum amount of sound escapes. This is especially important for Directors’ offices where confidentiality is vital. The threshold of a door should fit snugly against the bottom of the door so make sure your doors are fitted properly, otherwise a considerate amount of sound could escape.


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