How Can I Get More People In My Office Space?


Is your business expanding? Are you tearing your hair out trying to fit all your staff in your existing office space? Here are some ways to fit more staff into the space you have available, without having to buy or rent bigger premises.

Smaller Desks

We can install desks with a smaller depth such as D700mm instead of D800mm, which uses less space but doesn’t impact on working area at all. This is a very popular concept in London as it optimises limited office space. Also, a lot of offices still have inefficient crescent desks which could be changed for rectangular desks to fit a lot more people into the same space. Another way to optimise your space is to use smaller pedestals under your desks to create more legroom for the user. In our office, most staff use W310mm pedestals in place of wider, traditional pedestals that are approximately W400-430mm.

Space efficient D700mm desks in the Radiometer office

Hot Desking

Hot desking is a system that involves multiple workers using a single work station during different time periods, rather than giving each worker their own personal desk. Hot desking techniques are ideal for members of staff that are out of the office a lot such as sales representatives, warehouse staff and project managers. One way to implement hot desking could be to install fitted benching which is a more efficient use of the room than large office desks that take up a lot of space. Alternatively, these staff could just have a smaller desk space as they may only need a place to perch with a laptop. To view our recent blog post on the benefits of hot desking, click here.

Hot desking techniques in place at Girls Day School Trust

Multi-use Areas

A multi-use area is a location that is used for more than one purpose, for example using a breakout space for informal meetings as well as eating and socialising. Banquette seating is an ideal solution for this, as it is efficient and versatile and can be used for either eating or informal meetings without taking up a lot of space like large conference tables. Freestanding tables and chairs are also a good idea for a multi-use area because they can be moved around and grouped as you require. Please ensure the tables are clean for meetings though!

Stylish multi-use area at Girls Day School Trust

Efficient Space Planning

To create a really efficient workspace, you need to speak to a specialist designer with a lot of experience and knowledge who can think outside the box. They should be able to suggest solutions that you may not have been aware of, and our designers can produce CAD plans of your space to give you an idea of how your offices can look. Most offices don’t have as much space as they would like, but we can help you to make your offices much more efficient, whilst still ensuring all staff members are comfortable and can work effectively.

CAD plans designed by our team at Office Profile

Smart Storage Solutions

Fitted storage utilises space far more efficiently than freestanding cupboards and will enable you to maximise your office space. Our StorageWall can also double up as a room divider to save more space in your office, as it eliminates the need for a wall or partitioning. This is also more cost effective as you only have to pay for the cost of the StorageWall. StorageWall is extremely flexible and can fit exactly to your room dimensions, as well as being able to incorporate a wide range of internal features such as filing frames, shelves, lockers and sinks. There is a decrease in the need for office storage in most industries due to electronic storage, so check you don’t have any boxes of old files which are unnecessary and a waste of space.

StorageWall being used as a room divider at Integral

We hope that you have found the advice in this article valuable as you seek to maximise your office’s functionality, although we would always advise you to get expert guidance to ensure your office is as efficient as possible. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in fitting out offices so for more information and advice, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

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