A Green Year For Office Profile


During 2015, Office Profile collected reports from waste disposal companies, to see how much of our waste was recycled and how environmentally friendly we had been. We don’t have a record for every month as not every project requires a skip, but we’re pretty impressed with the results!

Month Total Tonnage Approx. Tons Recycled % Recycled
March 3.49 Tons 3.27 Tons 94%
July 3.7 Tons 3.45 Tons 93%
August 11.76 Tons 11.24 Tons 96%
October 1.73 Tons 1.73 Tons 100%
November 1.94 Tons 1.78 Tons 92%
December 9.84 Tons 9.35 Tons 95%

As you can see from the tables, we consistently recycled between 90 – 100%, even in the busier months when we had more projects under way! Our project for FISITA wins the prize for the most recycled as 100% of the waste was diverted from landfill, consisting of 1.73 tons!


We feel we successfully fulfilled our aim to be environmentally friendly in the work we carry out and throughout 2015.