Enrich Your Dining Area


According to the BBC, there has been an increase in the number of employees spending their lunch breaks at the computer desk. This poses a problem because hot and pungent foods are being eaten among other employees. Whilst a french onion soup may be tasty to eat, it certainly is not a fragrance you want wafting through the workplace. However, with workloads increasing and working hours adapting, it is not always easy to give yourself a break.

Skipping lunch breaks affects both your stomach and brain as it results in a decrease in productivity, decisiveness and general wellbeing. Whilst employees should never be forced to eat in a designated space, encouraging sociable lunch hours through versatile eating areas offers a positive work/life balance. Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved…

A simple change to a kitchen and breakout space is through a large bench style seating to encourage a communal feel. Bench style seating provide enough space for large groups of staff to sit together and socialise whilst being durable and easy to clean. They can also be adapted into different colour waves, wooden finishes and with upholstered seating for extra comfort. Equally, an outdoor seating area provides a breath of fresh air from the office environment and is a nice treat in those warm summer days.

Fitting a teapoint in a designated area of the office encourages a sociable aspect and a quick refresh with a cup of tea or coffee. They can be customised with bright tiles or a wallpaper to add a vibrant focal point to the office which is ideal for a quick break.

A mix of casual and traditional seating within your office kitchen area adds a homely feel to the corporate environment. A mix of comfy sofas, standing height counters and lower seating provide a variety of seating areas to suit individual needs. Coffee tables and chairs clustered together create various collaboration points for employees who prefer to eat in smaller groups whilst retaining the social aspect of a café culture style.

See below our office’s own breakout area where you can eat your lunch in a relaxed environment where soft furnishings, warm colours and natural lighting are focal points of the breakout room:

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