Deck The Halls With Prod-uct-ivity!


The moment we turn the calendar over to December, there is one thing on everyone’s mind. Firstly, how have we reached the end of the year already!? Secondly, it’s CHRISTMAS! As we each adorn our festive jumpers, force down another mince pie, (and perhaps drink one too many glasses of mulled wine) our attitude towards finishing deadlines and motivation through the working day begins to subside. Whilst, it is great to have a cheerful atmosphere in the office, winter festivities have a big affect on our work ethic, so the question is, how can you maintain staff productivity over December?

The main thing to be mindful of over the festive period are the employees who may not enjoy or celebrate Christmas. Offering support for staff who find this time of the year difficult to cope with is essential for a caring workforce and for everyone to feel acknowledged in the workplace.

For long term goals, a good way of keeping work a priority is by offering departmental goals and incentives. This could be promotional, gifted or even edible (gingerbread is certainly welcomed in our office!). Offering a little bit extra over the festive period helps to motivate staff towards the final push to the end of year targets and deadlines.  Similarly, team lunches are a good way to make sure everyone is engaged, and targets are being kept on track.


Yet, whilst these long-term goals are idealistic, it can be difficult to have the whole team together due to more frequent external commitments or staff that are not based at the office. Accordingly, in the short term, readjusting workloads and offering flexible working hours is an easy way of assuring work is complete without sacrificing the wellbeing of staff members.

Therefore, embracing an agile work ethic, mindful nature and productive attitude will result in a united and engaged workforce that will keep operations running smoothly like Santa on his sleigh!