Day In The Life Of An Interior Designer


Interior Designer Amber joined Office Profile just over 2 months ago. Whilst it has been an uncertain time, Amber has been working hard at home to ensure our designs have continued to be at a very high standard.

Amber graduated 8 years ago with a degree in Spatial Design and has since then gained an abundance of experience.  She has worked primarily within commercial design and on multiple residential projects as a freelancer.

At Office Profile, Amber is responsible for multiple tasks within the Design Team such as making sure the floor plans work for a client, taking into consideration the functionality and flow of the space. Amber’s vast knowledge in spatial design means that she is able to utilise furniture using form and function in various ways all whilst considering market influences and budget of the project. She also creates finishing schedules and construction pack drawings to ensure the project runs smoothly for both the client and Project Manager.

Amber’s favourite aspects of her job cannot be narrowed to just one thing but span across various elements within the role. From working with visualisers to create realistic renders of designs to visiting sites to see how a project is coming together, the diverse responsibilities of interior design mean that it is exciting to see how each individual project uniquely evolves. Currently, creating construction pack drawings that include the general arrangement of furniture have become a more frequent task. But Amber says there is always something more that can be done which makes a career in interior design so interesting!

At the moment, working from home has meant everyone at Office Profile has had to adapt to a new way of working, especially in terms of design. For Amber, one big drawback of working from home is not having a printer! Hand drawing on plans can help see things from a different perspective and makes it easier for presentations and quick annotations. Equally, not sitting with the Design Team everyday is frustrating but with both phone calls and video calls accessible, the team are only a call away! A few weeks ago, Amber successfully presented a design concept through Zoom video call, which whilst felt abnormal, allowed her to still interact with the client and make progress with the design concept.

However, since Amber previously worked as a Freelance Designer for 6 months, working from home is not anything new. Her advice for anyone struggling to work from home is to make sure you have background noise in the house, whether it be a radio or tv, as it gives you comfort and a sense of busyness.

Another key tip is if you are confined to one room, try and separate your work away from your other day to day chores, and if you can put your paperwork away in a cupboard at the end of the day, then great! This will help you both physically and mentally shut off to relax which is very important for your mental wellbeing during lockdown. Equally, whilst it is tempting, do get dressed in your work attire. A comfy pyjama day is fine occasionally (providing you are not scheduled to attend any video calls!) but it is important for your mindset to get dressed as you would for a normal workday.

Outside of work, before the lockdown, Amber enjoyed staying active by going on long walks, regularly attending the cinema and organising holidays with her friends. Nowadays it mainly consists of enjoying a bit of sun and nature when she can in her garden at the weekends and catching up on Netflix!

Office Profile are very pleased to welcome Amber to the team and cannot wait to see how her designs and role progress within the company!