Changing Views Of The Office- Thoughts Of A Comms Exec

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Since working from home for over a month, I thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect on the changes that are happening with the way we work. As a Comms Exec, working from home is a big change, I have transferred from the bustle of working in an office with my teammates to working in solitude in the spare room- it feels like I have gone back to my university days!

Even though it has been over a month, I am still adjusting to working from home and it has made me appreciate the office more. At the time whilst it could be difficult to wake up early (especially those chilly winter mornings!) I cannot help but think how underappreciative I was of that normalcy, of waking up and travelling into a workplace and seeing my colleagues on a regular basis.

So, in this blog, I want to assess the positives of both working from home and in the office and evaluate the importance of a well-designed office space. Whilst it may not seem an appropriate time for an office refurbishment, creating one which incorporates the positive aspects of both environments would be an exciting milestone for your team to look forward to and return to during this uncertain time and Office Profile are available to help with this.

Positives of working from home

Aside from being quieter, working from home has less interruptions from external background noises and colleagues. But, working from home also allows me to structure my day more and designate certain times for informative meetings or a quick break. There is also the bonus of no commute at the start and end of the day giving myself more time for my own activities and improving my carbon footprint. By not using cars or public transport we are reducing both air and noise pollution. However, the biggest change in my working day is that my colleagues have been replaced with small, fluffy four-legged versions!

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Positives of working at the office

Entering and leaving the office every day is important for a change of scene and helps me to distinguish between home and work, allowing me to wind down in the evenings or go on to attend fitness classes or visit friends. Seeing my colleagues everyday is also a major benefit as it gives me a sense of team spirit and helps to improve my mood and feel ready to start the day.

A well-designed office helps to facilitate collaboration and offers accidental meetings at the teapoint with teammates that I wouldn’t necessarily talk to daily from a work perspective which helps me understand what is going on in different areas of the company- our teapoint is certainly the hub for a quick natter! Of course, lunch breaks with your team are always a good opportunity for a discussion and a comparison for who has the nicest looking lunch!

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How a well-designed office can facilitate the benefits of the office and working from home

Agile working offers a variety of working environments to suit different individual needs and tasks. It empowers employees by offering them flexibility with how and where they work in an environment that balances openness and privacy through design and furniture. By having control in how you want to work mimics the comfort of the home with the ability to collaborate and bump into a colleague for a chat at the teapoint. Offering a strategic placement of furniture such as acoustic booths, soft seating, sit/stand desking, tables, stools, screens etc not only look aesthetically pleasing but improve the morale of employees.

For example, our project with Tower Hamlets Homes demonstrates how an office can become an enthusing and inspiring space. Across 3 floors, each workspace was designed as an open plan environment with various seating where employees could unwind or work without any distractions due to their acoustic, enclosed designs. This gives staff the best of both worlds as they have the facility to discuss and collaborate in a busier environment but also have access to private seating to focus on important individual tasks or sensitive phone calls.

A variety of seating options at Tower Hamlets Homes

Why you should think about a refurb

Whilst this is an uncertain time not every industry is closed- the IT and Gaming industries are more crucial than ever for us all to stay connected. With most offices currently unoccupied, this means there is less opportunity for upheaval if you decide to start or continue with a project. Office Profile can work in line with Government standards to follow their advice on social distancing and where sites are still open, extra precautions are in place whilst conducting site surveys and completing any necessary photography or CAD plans.

Office Profile have an abundance of skills in VR and walkthroughs and understand the importance of visualisation and well-designed space which can be achieved through online platforms. We are utilising video conferencing services such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to enable client engagement and complete any required designs, concepts and quotes for clients.

Digital render of Spirent during design stages

In summary, there are positives to both working from home and working in a busier office environment. Whilst, the future is unknown, we must think positively that the team will reunite again, and a well-designed office is certainly something to look forward to. As the Queen said in her speech, “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.”

So, let’s all help each other, be patient, be positive and stay safe and remember; we may not be in the office, but we are always here if you need to reach out to us.

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