6 Reasons Why You Should Install An Instant Hot Water Tap In Your Office


Instant hot water taps are becoming increasingly popular within office kitchens and tea-points.  A question we frequently get asked by our clients is what advantages do they offer within an office?  Are they just for convenience?  Below are some of the key advantages they offer:

Instant hot water tap in use at Liberata


1)   Hot water taps save time

Time is the main advantage of an instant hot water tap, because it’s just that – instant.  No longer do you have to wait for the whistle or click of the kettle to get that precious morning coffee.   From a business efficiency point of view it also decreases the time that employees will spend in the kitchen, alleviating queues and congestion in and around kitchens, and increasing the available time for employees to be working.

2)  Hot water taps are hygenic

Instant hot water taps can aid hygiene within kitchens, giving the ability to clean and sterilise spoons and utensils quickly and easily.  Dependant on the type of instant tap installed, some can offer filters that can omit chlorine taste, limit odour, and eliminate sediments and potentially harmful chemical and minerals that could be present.

3)  Hot water taps will save you money

While traditional kettles are still cheaper to purchase, they typically cost more per day to use and are not energy efficient.  Every time a kettle is boiled a large amount of energy is lost through escaping heat, steam and sound.  Commonly, users will fill kettles up with far more water than is needed for their drink, increasing the boiling time and cost per boil.  The next user will then be using further money and energy reheating previously boiled water.

Instant hot water taps are more energy efficient, with the water being stored in heavily insulated tanks and only drawing the exact amount of water requested by the user to fill their cups.

The average kettle holding 1.5 pints of water costs around 2.5 pence every time it is boiled.  If the kettle is boiled 30 times per day then this could cost 75 pence a day.  Instant hot water taps are estimated to cost as little as 3 pence a day.  While the saving may not seem a lot initially, these pennies can quickly add up.  In the example given above, over a year the instant hot water tap could save an estimated £240.

4)  Hot water taps are safer than kettles

The majority of work (and home) accidents happen in kitchens, and not just from slips and falls.  Hundreds of casualties every year are caused by people knocking over kettles or spilling boiling water.  With the hot water being instant and delivered via a controlled stream from the tap, there is less room for error.  Less time spent in a kitchen should also correlate to fewer accidents in a workplace.  A warning sign should be placed in a visible location in close proximity to the tap so all users are aware that the water is boiling and not just hot!

Danger - Very Hot Water

5)  Hot water taps are stylish, streamlined and decrease clutter

Other advantages of instant hot water taps include decreased clutter in kitchens and tea-points due to kettles no longer being present and no power cables needed.  There will also be less limescale build up meaning less cleaning.

6)  Hot water taps are great formaking full flavour drinks

Instant hot water taps dispense water at just below boiling point.  This will decrease or potentially eliminate scalding the hot drinks which can harm the flavour of tea and coffee.  Most office workers drink a large amount of tea and coffee a day to keep hydrated and having drinks available instantly and at full flavour will keep your employees happy.

For more information on instant hot water taps, or to see how we could help with your kitchen or tea point project, please call us on 020 8770 7077 or email us at sales@officeprofile.co.uk.