5 Tips For Redesigning Your Meeting Room


Meeting room design is incredibly important in achieving how your business is portrayed to employees and clients. Here’s some tips on design, privacy, branding, integration and storage that may help you when considering redesigning your meeting room.

Firstly, the design greatly depends on whether your meeting room is an enclosed, formal boardroom or an open, informal space designed for impromptu meetings. In an enclosed meeting room, you will probably want a meeting table and smart, conference style chairs. The size of the table will depend greatly on the size of the room and how many people are likely to be present in meetings. An open, informal space is more likely to include loose tables and chairs/stools that can be used at any time, perhaps spontaneously, for casual meetings that occur every day between employees. An open space allows the design to be more fun and quirky as it is more relaxed, whereas a formal room where clients come to visit should be more professional and show the company’s culture at a glance.


This leads me on to talk about privacy. A formal meeting room in most cases needs to allow total privacy for users, especially in places where confidential information may be discussed, whether it is about employees or the business’ affairs. From the visibility point of view, meeting rooms with windows can have blinds which can be drawn when meetings are taking place if needed. However, most meeting rooms have glass partitioning. This means that in order to make the meeting room private, the best solution is to install manifestation on the glass which can not only hide occupants from the eyes of people outside, it can also represent the company’s brand. For example, you could have manifestation that shows the company’s logo or name, and this constantly reinforces the brand. From the acoustic side, people outside the meeting room should not be able to hear what is being discussed in a meeting taking place. If your office is nearby employees’ workstations and people are likely to walk past, you should consider how to make your meeting room soundproof. Firstly, a carpet deadens sound, and you can install acoustic wall, floor and ceiling tiles that keep the meeting room quiet as well as preventing people outside from overhearing.


Branding is an important consideration in meeting room design. Reinforcing your brand to clients is a great way to show them what your company is all about without openly trying to sell your services to them. Even without using your company colours or logo, great design that shows your style and culture is a very effective way to show off your brand. For example this meeting room at Success Appointments is vibrant and interesting, epitomising the whole culture of the business which has a first class reputation amongst the retail and fashion industry.


TV and IT integration is also crucial. Do you need to include these services in your meeting room and if so, how? You can build a TV in, flush to the wall for a streamlined effect, or you could have it inside a cupboard which you could open as and when the TV needs to be utilised.


Storage must always be considered too. Some boardrooms may not need as much storage as others, in which case you may just want a small credenza unit where you can perhaps place a tray of tea and coffee, or prop up something to show a client. However, other companies that a bit more storage space in their meeting room may require something like the StorageWall we installed at Girls Day School Trust.  A plain white StorageWall is unobtrusive on the design or colour of a meeting room, and you can get many other colours and finishes, guaranteeing an option for you.


To conclude, designing a meeting room to fit your requirements and put across the right message can be a time-consuming task., but if it is done correctly, it can have a great impact on your clients and employees.  We hope this article has helped you and given you some ideas for designing your meeting room.

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