Benefits Of Height Adjustable Desks


Height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular, possibly due to the fact that society is becoming more aware about the importance of health and lifestyle. Employers legally need to take more notice into how the workplace can affect their employees’ health and they should be making regular checks to ensure that the equipment suits the individual. In an office based role, we are at our desks for most of the working day so the way we choose to sit (or stand) at our desks is vital.

Here are the benefits of height adjustable desks:

  • One size fits all – We all come in different shapes and sizes therefore a height adjustable desk is perfect for everyone! When seated, a standard desk may be satisfactory for someone who is average height however it may not the ideal for someone who is much taller, causing them to slouch and in the long-term, it could cause significant damage to the spine. Someone with a higher BMI or who has a wheelchair, may find it more comfortable having the desk higher up so they can easily access things on the desk.
  • Healthy body – Studies show that standing for just 2 hours of the working day, will burn an additional 340 calories!
  • Increased blood flow – Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day, will increase blood flow and result in less muscle fatigue compared to someone who is seated most of the day.
  • Support your spine! – Spinal health is extremely important and sitting down for long periods can put a huge amount of pressure on the spine.

The results from a survey of people using height adjustable desks show that they felt:

0% more focused
0% healthier
0% more productive
0% more comfortable

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